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with 'Precious Wreckage'

Wicker Bitch
Jessica Flange
Horse by Force (California Rage)
Red Wings (August Wreckage)
Tannhauser Walk
Air Raid
"Last Call for the Shortwave Collectors"
Don't Change (CKPW Major Malfunction Mix)
Vagabond Vaughan (Hermosa Demo)
Helicopter People (Hermosa Demo)
Helicopter People (Deployed Mix)

with 'Jeffrey Nothing'
Armistice Day (In Six Years' Time)
Cathy With a "C"
Proof Without Passion
Swamp Song (She's a Scorpio)
Maharani (Platinum Sedans Mix)
Maharani (Cartoon Khartoum Mix)
Poets, Inc.
The Gypsy of Montreal
The Gypsy of Montreal (Jhalsagar Session)
(Just Like) Martin Donovan
Cop Show

with 'The Sexy Family'
Cop Show (Redux)
South Carolina
Capitol Crimes

as 'Biblecan'
Radical Lions
Percheron (Daneless Mix)
Percheron (The Elsinore Mix)
Percheron (The Wah Wah Dane Mix)
Jute (Strafe Mix)
Canine Auteurs (Polyvalence Mix)
Scission & Csisiji
Crowley Market

demos & extries
Adding 90 (w/Hippy Johnny)
Kchang (w/Badway)
Red Wings (Pastel Mix)
Red Wings (Quick Mix)
Barrel of a Gun (Modal Hack)
Bedgerow (Dixie Mix)
Bedgerow (Hustle Mix)
Bossy (Two Horse Mix)
Bossy (HOP Mix)
Table Talk (Table Hack)
Wicker Bitch (Chardonnay Mix)
Wicker Bitch (Demo)
Wicker Bitch (Ponderous Mix)
XXIV (Hop Mix ReMix)
Madder World (iHack)
TM Dawn (PodBoy Hack)
I Burn For You (McFerrous Hack)
The Liz Phairy (Boys Call Murder)
Copshow (Brad Co. Original Mix)
Editions of You (Drug Music Multihack Mix)
Drains (w/Legocette)
Harmine (w/Legocette)
Falling in Love Again (Snorklemix)
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (Fullswap Mix)
Go Insaner (GoobTube Hack)
Hatespeech for Lovers (DigiDemo)
Hey, Joob! (Beatlekeeper Hack)
We Can Work it Out (Beatlekeeper Hack)
Thank You, Girl (Beatlekeeper Hack)
WGYTTN (w/Drug Music)
The End (Roman Tinfoil Wilderness Mix)
Thorn in the Road (Demo) (w/Sun Recessions)
Lone Star Song (Thermal Hack)
Mother of Pearl (Up All Night Hack)
No One Receiving (Third Uncle Hack)
Now is the Time (Hologram Mix) (w/Hippy Johnny)
Now is the Time (Paganoid Mix) (w/Hippy Johnny)
Paranoid Android (Radiohack)
Planet Earth (LOL Chamber Hack)
Sad Cliche (Back to the Swamp Hack)
The Sultan of Shake (Initial Mix) (w/Fevertech)
The Sultan of Shake (Cinema Mix 00) (w/Fevertech)
The Sultan of Shake (Cinema Mix 01) (w/Fevertech)
The Sultan of Shake (Demo Shut Uppity)
Please Please Please Let Me Hack (First Time Hack)
U-Club Anthem (Midget Hack)
I'm Not in Love (w/Wormsign)
Rockabye (aka Avatar Hassles) (w/Wormsign)
The Times, They Are A'Changin' (Chillin' Like Dylan Thomas)
Getting Away With It All (Mixxed Up)
Getting Away With It Again
Getting Away With It More
Getting Acapella 01
Getting Acapella 02
Waiting for the Night (Violated USB Shrapnel)
Waiting for the Night (Drug Music Samadhi Redesign Mix)
The Fires of Kuwait
The Fires of Kuwait (Rev Elation)
Remembering Marie (Inspired Automata Mix)
Remembering Marie (Drug Music Remix)
Bossy 2012
Bossy 2012 (Mock Arena Mix)
Mindgames (Little Bo Hack)
Slow Animal (Pearl Jam hack)
The White Lady (Acapella! Acapella!)
BAOS (Biological Androids of Satan)
Atari Baby Babies

















































2014: "It's hack or be hacked!"
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